About us


Production of moulds for concrete products, we make moulds, concrete batching plants, concrete block making machines and vibro-demoulding machines for Italian and foreign markets.Starting from paper and computer drawings, we are able to produce custom moulds according to the needs of our Customers.

Our Story
When the company C.R.Stampi Srl was founded in 1972 by Roberto Colleoni in Zanica, this was still a craft business, but one already with a clear and precise idea of working manufactured products:moulds for concrete products.
After having worked for companies in a similar line of business, Roberto Colleoni already had ten years of experience in the field of moulds behind him and was able to achieve a high level of specialisation within a market that provided an interesting opening with regard future growth in moulds for products.
Produzione Stampi Manufatti In Cemento
From the small craft workshop flourished a production which showed, little by little, all the unique characteristics of specialisaiton, but, above all this, it was affirmed thanks to its processing diversification that become increasingly more interesting due to its specific technical characteristics and use.
The moulds that C.R.Stampi Srl manufactures surely enough quickly became the benchmark and go-to, so much so that its customer base increased throughout the peninsula and abroad.
As a result, CR Stampi S.r.l. began to build products, without neglecting those less demanding, that were more and more up-to-date and sophisticated, such as duct moulds in the nuclear power station in the Veneto region, moulds for airport and railway products, moulds for street furniture, moulds for quality products such as the edges of pools and many others.
Produzione Stampi Manufatti In Cemento 02
Transfer to Grassobbio
With a growing clientele, and therefore production, in 1989 C.R.Stampi S.r.l. moved from its old Zanica workshop to Grassobbio in the current prefabricated warehouse. There, the three thousand metres of covered floor space and with the arrival of Roberto Colleoni's children meant it was able to increase production both in Italy and abroad.
Foreign production
In actual fact, C.R.Stampi S.r.l. began to dedicate a large part of its production abroad, by starting to supply, in addition to moulds, concrete batching plants, block making and vibro-demoulding machines ; supplying materials all over the world directly or collaborating with established companies in the sector;
Telecommunication and computerisation has contributed significantly to the production of C.R.Stampi S.r.l, as the work, before going into production, is actually studied on paper and on computer to increase the quality of the products.
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