When Roberto Colleoni in 1972 founds the firm C.R. STAMPI S.r.l. in Zanica (Bergamo), it is still an handicraft enterprise, but there is yet an elaborate and precise idea about the products: moulds for concrete manufactures.

Having already ten years of experience in the field, as he has worked in firms with a siimlar activity, Roberto Colleoni can get a high level of specialization on a market where it stands out an interesting opening on future developments of moulds for manufactures.

From the little handicraft workshop it comes a production which shows, little by little, all the unique characteristics of specialization, asserting itself with variations on more and more interesting - for the specific use and technical characteristics - workings.
The moulds manufactured by C.R. Stampi rapidly and surely become a full stop for its appeal and choice, so that both Italian and foreign clientele increase.

So C.R. Stampi S.r.l. starts to produce more and more up-to-date and sophisticated manufactures - without leaving out less exacting works - as the manufactures for the canals of the atoimc power plant of Veneto or moulds for gutters to be assembled in prefabricated sheds, or the ones created for choice products like the borders of swin~ng-pools, park-benches made of cis and many others.

interno capannone lato a                     interno capannone lato b

By the increasing of clientele, and obviously of production, in 1989 C.R. Stampi S.r.l. moves from the old workshop in Zanica to to the actual prefabricated shed in Grassobbio, where - thanks to the two thousand metres covering and the entering into partnership of the sons - it can increase production both for Italy and foreign countries.

In fact, C.R. Stampi starts to work directing most production towards foreign countries, supplying France with materials, Greece with oleodynamic moulds for drain wells and for moulding canals - which are the best products, together with the moulding kerbs, of C.R. Stampi - and Israel with sumps from one to two metres diameter, oleodynamic moulds for continuous shake-out kerbs and for water drainage; Great Britain with moulds for the coating of blast furnaces of steel plants, and so on.

However, C.R. Stampi doesn't forget the Italian clientele, especially in Triveneto, Lombardy and Piedmont, which C.R. Stampi can be proud of having supplied with generical products, like moulds for street and garden furniture, with choice products like vibrating benches fit for the preparation of counterweights for FIAT excavators, with moulds for cornices and flower-boxes for Milanese buildings (in the San Siro zone), with moulds for the work of modernization for the World Cup Italia 90, with moulds for underground conduits, for depurators and for the realization of the International Airport of Malpensa 2000.

Telematics and computerization considerably help production of C.R. Stampi: in fact, its workings, before being produced, are studied in writing and by computer, in order to increase the quality.

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